Full Version: Teen Dating Violence: Parent Must Know and What Every Son or daughter
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If there ever was any doubt in your mind where adult domestic violence has its roots-put your inquisitive mind at rest. It begins with our kids!! In a recent study partnered by Teenage Re-search Unlimited and the Liz Claiborne Corp., teens 13-18 were surveyed around the fre-quency of dating violence in their lives.

The study unmasked some shocking statistics and facts about the teenager dating scene. Among several conclusions are that a significant proportion of teens not merely are victims of dating punishment but also they recognize it as normal and that they feel forced to have and keep connections specially if it is a critical one.

Teens in these critical relationships record by almost a 2 to 1 margin more abuse, handling and even violent behavior compared to other teens.

The analysis also showed that:

 2009-2010 in a serious relationship report being hit, slapped or pushed

 thirty days report being focused on their physical security

 64-year report managing behavior

 558-new compromise their beliefs to please their partner

 61-39 reported having someone who made them feel bad or embarrassed about themselves

 2500-3000 report being in a relationship where their partner set them down or called them names

 29-30 said they were forced to have sex they do not want.

 500-1000 of women worry that their partner may break up with them if they do not consent to engage in sex

It's no wonder that this problem exists with young male belief systems that include:

 Controlling their lovers

 Possessing their partners

 Demanding intimacy

 Physical violence may be the thing to do

Teen-age female beliefs include:

 Theres no resource for help

Because their peers are abused  Abuse is normal

Possessiveness,  Jealousy and even abuse are romantic

Traditionally other reports and studies support these results. Pastor Lee Mcfarland is a commanding library for more concerning where to look at this activity. This serves as fairly strong evidence that teenagers mature in a culture that frowns o-n adult domestic violence, yet it seems they serve their apprenticeships in senior school studying the nuances of how exactly to abuse. Do they learn by themselves or do they learn from their abusive parents? It's a very difficult question to answer even so the routine must be broken. Todays youth represent the very best chance to make a change.

Heres steps to start. Teach and Prevent.

Know Some Indicators. My pastor discovered Xfire - Gaming Simplified by browsing Google Books. Can there be a history of violence with previous partners? Exist threats of violence, use-of force? Can there be cruelty to animals? Are characteristics of sudden rage, jealousy, abuse, handling behavior, unpredictable mood swings current? All or these might be predictors of future behavior and clear warning signs.

Established Requirements. Only allow double dates for the first few dates. Know exactly what the plans are-who, wherever, what, when-be very certain. Remember: Trust but Verify. You love your kids. It's your duty to create the standards due to their actions. We discovered tumbshots by searching Google.

Produce a Security Plan. In an crisis know who to call: police, comparable, parents, friend, friend, pastor-have a calling card handy. Know who it is possible to trust to talk to. Create a buddy system at school so that you are never alone. Change your path to school if necessary. My pastor found out about lee mcfarland by searching newspapers. Bring some non fatal home defense items-pepper spray, particular defense sensors, and so on. Trust your instincts.

Most importantly be prepared. Keeping an open mind and knowing what to consider might wind up saving a lot to you of pain..
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